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Photographs are beautiful yet silent- Video is full of life and sounds of the day! We can provide you with a chronicle of the day.

Birthday Party

 90th Birthday, The Villages, FL


Military Funeral

Florida National Cemetary

Surprise Marriage Proposal

 The Villages, FL



 Ocala, FL,


A word about Funerals


I received a phone call from a prospective client who was interested in me recording her fathers funeral. Her mother was so broken by her loss that she could not make a decision and decided that they would forgo having it done.

Some of you may wonder why would someone want to record a funeral. CLOSURE! The death of a loved one typically comes suddenly. You may be aware of the pending death but the actual date cannot be planned. Since it is an unplanned event many of those who would want to attend a funeral and say their goodbyes cannot. For some it would be a financial burden to attend, others may be too sick and bedridden. Having closure on the death of a loved one is so necessary. It begins the process of moving forward. Many people get stuck with their loss.

We provide that service, giving the family and friends a way to grieve by allowing them to watch it on their computer or TV. In some cases, we can actually broadcast it Live from the funeral location to be watched on Facebook or YouTube. For some closure may not come at the actual funeral and having the video to watch allow them to heal.