A Video Chronicle of your Life

Professional and Affordable!

Life at time is too short and our best intention of putting our life down on paper or video
is lost to an untimely passing

Having personally dealt with the passing of two family members AND not getting a chance to record what they remembered about growing up, their early adult life etc. got me thinking that I should offer this service.  In years gone by family history was passed down by people telling stories or maybe writing a diary. Today we live in this electronic digital age and even though we say, I can do that, or I need to sit down with grandpa before he passes and learn what his life was like .. we don't do it AND then after our loved one is gone we kick ourselves for not following through with our good intentions.

Sometimes there is an early death and afterwards the family and young children are left without really knowing their lost parent.

That is were we come in. Allow us to video record your life or a farewell message. It is affordable and we have many options to choose from, each will provide a professional presentation to sometimes a very tender moment. In any case don't wait because cause death doesn't.

Mary Katherine

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Imagine…. you are a 10 year old, sitting in a classroom and your teacher just asked you to write a 300 words essay about your GREAT grandfather/ grandmother. Now, what would you write about? Do you know them? Do you even know what their names were?
Now, if you haven’t the faintest idea who your great grandparents are… CAN YOU IMAGINE, your Great Grandkids have NO IDEA what kind of a person you have been. Can you imagine yourself, standing in front of your great grandkid, an invisible ghost of the past………..and your heart cried out to tell him/her about the great things you had once done, the things you had learnt from life and wish you could just share with that little one. And there is NO WAY he or she will ever know.
It’s sad…. isn’t it? To have lived a great life and no one knows, to have made mistakes in this lifetime and learnt a great deal and couldn’t share with your future generations. You know what’s worse? They don’t even know our names. Does it mean our lives mean NOTHING to them?

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