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Our Services Contract

We have revised our services contract to reflect what is common in our industry. These are to protect you and us. While we have a different 'form' for weddings vs birthdays, etc. Below is a sample that will be presented to you at our initial meeting. This sample is just that, a sample. IF necessary it can be modified to suit the needs of all parties. Page three has been eliminated as that outlines exactly what services are provided/needed/required and at what cost. Each contract amount is different depending on the specific needs of the client.

Standard Event Services Contract


This agreement (“Agreement”) constitutes a binding contract for Videography services. By signing this Agreement, the clients, identified on page three of this Agreement (collectively referred to below as “Client”) agrees to pay Michael Callen, a freelance videographer, a.k.a. Callen Videography for the services provided by Callen Videography at the price set forth on page three of this Agreement.

The following terms and conditions shall also apply to Client’s of Callen Videography:

EXCLUSIVITY: Callen Videography shall be the only Videography service provider retained by the Client for the event identified on page three of this Agreement (referred to below as the “Event”). Family, friends and employees of the client shall be permitted to record the event, for non-commercial purposes, provided that such person or persons do not interfere with the videographer duties. If, in the opinion of the assigned videographer, such person or persons are inhibiting the videographer from performing his or her duties, Client shall require the person interfering to stop.

VIDEOGRAPHER: Callen Videography shall assign a videographer from its staff exclusively for the Client’s Event. If necessary, assistants to the videographer will attend the Event. Callen Videography reserves the right to change any initial assignment and substitute another staff member at any time due to illness. Due to the length of time required to record the Event, Client agrees to provide the videographer and any assistants with a meal during the event. If this meal is provided out of view of the activities, Videographer cannot guarantee that any events occurring during the Videographer absence will be captured.

  1. ILLNES AND UNEXPECTED EVENTS: Callen Videography will not be liable to Client under any circumstances if its performance is prevented or impaired due to:
    1. War, insurrections, strikes walk-outs riots
    2. Acts of God, including adverse weather conditions, earthquakes, tornados or hurricanes
    3. Loss of power for any reason, including lightning
    4. Shortages or unavailability of labor or materials
    5. Laws or governmental restrictions which conflict with the terms of this Agreement
    6. Guests or staff walking in front of the camera(s) while they are trying to record.
    7. Or any other matter beyond the reasonable control of Callen Videography

In the event of any unanticipated videographer illness, Callen Videography shall make reasonable efforts to substitute another competent professional. If another cannot be found in time for the Event, Callen Videography shall promptly return all fees previously paid by Client, and shall not have any further liability with respect to this Agreement. Callen Videography reserves the right to decline outdoor Videography in the event of inclement weather. Client is responsible for providing an alternative nearby location in the event of inclement weather.

FEES and CHARGES: A reservation/booking fee of $100 is due at the conclusion of the Client Interview. This fee will insure that no other event will be booked on the Event date. A refundable Deposit of 50% of the Total of Services is required at the time of the signing (this is in addition to Non-Refundable Booking Fee if it has not been previously paid) and mailing of the signed Contract for Services. A full refund – less the booking fee - will be given if the cancellation is 60 days prior to the event date. Cancellation at 45 days will result in a 50% refund of the paid deposit and less then 21 days will result in a forfeiture of all deposit monies. Balance Due is payable 30 days prior to the Event date; Videographer or Makeup Artist will not be dispatched to the Event location if balance has not been paid. If the Event lasts longer then the time originally contracted for, the overtime hours will be payable at the end of the Event.  In the unlikely event that the overtime is not paid at the conclusion of the Event the editing of the video will be delayed until payment has been rendered. Returned checks for any reason will be subject to a $50.00 fee plus any banking fees we may incur because of the returned check. Contracts entered into with less the 30 days prior to Event Day will not require a booking fee but will be payable in Full at signing.

COMPLETION OF FINAL PRODUCT: Editing of the Event is entirely up the videographer/editor discretion to select the best video segments that document the EVENT.  Our style of recording/editing is ‘documentary or chronicle’ and we try to capture each portion of the event with 1 or multiple cameras during the hours that have been contracted for. If the Client wishes they can receive all of the raw files and edit the video themselves.  If they select that option after the Event then there will be a charge for all SD cards and no refund will be given.  Final edit and a digital copy will be delivered within 45 days from the Event date providing the client provides any additional content to be included in the final edit within 10 days of the Event date. All video will be delivered via digital download from our Google Drive account unless otherwise specified.

PUBLICITY RIGHTS / PROMOTIONAL USE OF VIDEO: Copyright of the edited video is jointly owned by the client and the videographer. Original recordings are retained by the Videographer for a minimum of 1 year unless purchased separately. Client warrants that they have full rights to any media supplied to the videographer to be included in the edited video. This includes cell phone video, audio, music and still photos. Callen Videography reserves the right to use the recorded event for display on it’s website, YouTube page or any other social media sites that Callen Videography may use. The use of this video is granted by the Client to Callen Videography without compensation.

CREATIVE CLAUSE: It is understood that Callen Videography is the exclusive official videographer retained by the Client to cover this event. Callen Videography is granted full editorial, production and content control by the client regarding all aspects of the production. Because the videographer cannot interrupt or interfere with the event in any way to correct less then satisfactory recording conditions. We are not responsible for shots that are missed or omitted because of the videographer being blocked. We will work closely with the event photographer so that our adverse interactions are minimal.

NOTE: This is a standard contract and each event is different, this document will be modified as required by the event to be recorded.

The above 'sample' standard contract is subject to change without notice. Changes to it will be updated on a regular basis