Besides the birth of your children your wedding is most important day in your life.

Do not eliminate a videographer out of your wedding.  While still photos tell a beautiful story, video allows you to re-live it with all
of the sounds, music and spoken words of the day. We can provide you with an affordable video recording of your wedding ... CALL US Today or Request a QUOTE












Life is NOT a still photograph

We live in a fluid world full of video clips on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and whole host of other social media platforms and of course television. Why should your wedding be left out of this world of living images?  Life is full of sound , music and voices. Shouldn't your wedding memories contain all the excitement of day.  While still photos can be hung on the wall, they do not convey the emotion of watching a tear run down her face or the trembling of his lips as he recites his vows. That is what video will capture and remind you each time you watch it of the love you had for each other on that day.

What you remember from your wedding day

I know for a fact that one week after a wedding most new couples will have forgotten what they said to each other. Their day is so full of raw emotion, seeing family and friends and comments and well wishes by your guests will be a lost memory. Weddings are a gathering and sometimes it maybe the last time you see certain family members. Your wedding video will allow you to relive and listen to the excitement of your day again and again.

Video is Affordable

Recently, I met with a bride-to-be who had been getting outrageous quotes from videographers and she was going to stop looking. We talked on the phone and between several conversations and a sit down meeting we were able to put together a wedding video plan that worked for her budget.  Each wedding has different needs and requiements, the below prices are only to be used as a guide. Your Contract will detail the services and costs for each.

Plans: These are a guide to our services and costs, each of these can be customized.





10 Hours of Coverage 6 Hours of Coverage 4 Hours of Coverage 4 Hours of Coverage
$1,600.00 $1,050.00 $750.00 $500.00
2 Camera Operators 1 Camera Operator 1 Camera Operator 1 Camera Operator
4 HD Cameras (2 Stationary) 3 HD Cameras (2 stationary) 2 HD Cameras (1 stationary) 1 HD Camera
Facebook LIVE*      
On Camera Microphone On Camera Microphone On Camera Microphone On Camera Microphone
Wireless Microphone Wireless Microphone Wireless Microphone  
Custom Animated Graphics      
60 min Edited Wedding Film 40 min Edited Wedding Film 40 min Edited Wedding Film RAW Unedited Footage
 (entire ceremony + speeches) (entire ceremony + speeches) (entire ceremony + speeches)  
Google Drive Download Google Drive Download Google Drive Download Google Drive Download
Online Preview Online Preview Online Preview  
30 Mile Travel Allowance 30 Mile Travel Allowance 30 Mile Travel Allowance  
*Facebook LIVE requires active Wi-Fi Connection       CALL US FOR DATE AVAILABILITY 352-561-8117
All Prices Listed Are Subject To Change Without Notice.       All Prices Excludes Non-Refundable Booking Fee of  $100.00
Price Rev 8/1/2018        

Additional Items that can be added to ANY Package if not included.
           Additional Hours
            Camera Drone -
available only for pre wedding ceremony use and in good weather conditions.
            Destination Weddings
            Video Slide Show for Reception
            Rehearsal, Bachelor / Bachelorette Party etc.

Also Available: 
Personalized Photo Background for guest photos <Example>  {Ordering Link} Free use of our Banner Stand.

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